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Thumbpint Custom Glassware

How does it all work?

the digital printing process

Our digital direct to glass printing process allows us to print photographs, logos, and other designs direct to glass using UV organic inks.

Here’s the process:

  1. Before the glass enters the printing area, it runs through a flame treating process. This treatment promotes adhesion, protects against mechanical abrasion and improves dishwasher durability. 
  2. The glass is then automatically fed in to the machine and is checked for shape integrity prior to applying the ink.
  3. The ink is then applied in a CMYK sequence similar to how a paper printer works. In between each color pass, the art is cured with a UV light that enables one color to print on top of other colors.
  4. Once all the colors and a clear coat are on the glass, it will pass one last time under the UV light before it is inspected by our print tech and shipped to you.

why choose Thumbpint?

This digital, direct to glass process allows our customers to print as little as 1 personalized glass or up to 1,000 custom glasses without spending an arm and a leg.

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